Management & Evictions


Ooni & Wadia Incorporated Attorneys provides clients with the advantage of having property managed and rent collected by professional Attorneys. In the unfortunate event that a lessee defaults on payment, we will take the necessary legal steps to ensure that the lessee complies with his contractual obligations. We have the experience and infrastructure to take care of any property portfolio. We charge a fee ranging from 05% to 12% of the total monthly rental income for the management of a property. Our mandate terms are flexible and may be cancelled upon 30 days written notice. Individuals or companies may contact us for a free non- obligation consultation to discuss the management of property.

At Ooni & Wadia Incorporated Attorneys we provide the following property law and conveyancing services:

  • Risk and compliance evaluations
  • Property valuations Drafting of offer to purchase contracts
  • Transfer of immovable property
  • Registration and transfer of bonds over immovable property
  • Registration of sectional title schemes and subdivision of land
  • Registration of real rights on immovable property
  • Property development
  • Property related dispute resolution