At Ooni & Wadia Incorporated Attorneys we proactively assist companies in implementing the best practice and procedures for each  company’s employee relations. We provide specialized employment relations services based on the unique needs of each company. We strive to ensure optimal staff performance, reduce workplace conflict and minimize any risks involved when disciplining staff. Our team of qualified legal experts means that we understand the legislative framework and are able to take a firm but fair approach in managing employee relations within each company. Our employment relations service is available to companies on an ad hoc or a retainer fee basis.

  • We provide a full analysis of each company’s compliance with the employment laws and procedures within the workplace. This means that we do a thorough check of all employment contracts, company policies and procedures.
  • Introducing disciplinary codes of conduct – based on our analysis, in compliance with employment laws, draft any necessary changes to any current employment contracts based on the best interests of each company and its employees.
  • In the event that a company does not have any written contracts in place, we attend to draft all contracts on behalf of the company and implement such contracts with the employees.
  • Not only will we provide your company with employment contracts for each employee, but we will also attend to draft and implement specialized policies and procedures for your company (including a disciplinary code and leave policies).
  • We provide employee performance management and/or counselling
    investigations dealing with delicate situations involving misconduct, ill healthand/or incapacity.
  • We further provide a payroll service to our clients, which include the following:
    • Verifying employee clock in and clock out times and calculating salary
      or wages accordingly;
    • Generating salary slips on a monthly or weekly basis;
    • Generating pay spreadsheets on a monthly or weekly basis;
    • Printing and delivering salary slips and pay spread sheets to clients on
      a weekly or monthly basis.
  • We provide the following services in respect of employee relations and Labour Law services:
    • Consultations
    • Counselling
    • Disciplinary codes and procedures
    • Chairing disciplinary hearings Retrenchment processes (Not included in our retainer package)
    • Remedies to poor work performance Drafting employment contracts Internal policies and procedures
    • Introducing disciplinary codes of conduct Transfer of contracts of employment CCMA & Bargaining Council processes Labour Court processes (Not included in our retainer package)